At Huebner Speed Monitoring (Pty) Ltd, we concentrate on products for heavy duty applications like no other sensor systems manufacturer in the field of encoder technology. As equally unique are our worldwide upgrade and assembly services. We generally design our motors and generators to meet customer-specific requirements. We don't shy away from unfamiliar requests – we look for them.

>> Sensor Systems


The Sensor Systems business division specializes in modern encoders and drive technology for heavy industry. With more than 80 years of experience and in excess of 1000 applications providing reliable service in steel works, port, crane and mining plant and equipment Johannes Huebner Giessen is the international market leader providing encoder solutions for drives in high-performance applications.

>> Motors and generators


Johannes Huebner Giessen is known for building motors since the day our company was founded in 1934. We have established ourselves to date as a competent partner in many sectors of industry with our electric drives as well as system solutions including gearboxes, brakes, controllers and batteries. We regularly earn the respect of our partners by producing customized designs and prototypes to meet individual customer requirements.